Craft projects made in germany


Apart from delevoping the best bike trailers in the world we also like to make stuff that's not bike related. Here we made a stove from an old pot. Everyone needs a hobby...

Hoboofen aus altem Spargeltopf bauen



Cutting knive from old Buzzsaw

This is what happens when you have too many tools lying around...

Bauanleitung Anleitung zur Herstellung eines Kräutermessers Wiegemessers
Selbstbau Messerbau Messerherstellung Bastelanleitung Bauanleitung Wiegemesser Kräutermesser



Return of the Titanic

Mechanical music box project with two ten year old boys.



Building a Longboard (when boys get older)



Upcycling a beer can




Einfahc selber machen