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Der einzige Fahrradanhänger weltweit, der auch als Tischkicker funktioniert

Sometimes it's the little things that make our trailer even better suited for your own individual needs. If you have tuned your trailer, share it here or on our facebook page. We are always amazed to see not only what people transport on our trailers but what they come up with for tuning them. Nedless to say: We don't accept responsibility and liability for any do-it-yourself or tuning project presented here by ourselves or third parties. Now go out and pimp your trailer!



Tune your trailer to become a professional dolly. This built was based on a standard Hxxl and configured to include handlebars for using it as rikshaw, our small wheel extension and the heavy-duty kick stand. And action! Munich bike trailer dolly trailer camera film filmmaking



Tune your trailer to become a great looking and practical information desk with laptop compartment. Watch the film about our project here

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With these two wooden boards you can tune your trailer and transport long and bulky things like boats or a gigantic roll of bubble wrap...



A fast and simple way to attach the trailer with the optional trolley function to your bike rack. Lets you use your bike trailer with pretty much any rental bike that has a bike rack (but no trailer hitch). Doesn't compare to the regular trailer hitch but if you ride carefully and have your gear in a container it's a great solution for those train trips that are followed by a bike ride. Munich bike trailer tuning munich bike trailers bicycle trailer munich bike trailer



If you are concernd about theft check out this clever solution. It secures the hitch arm in the trailer adapter with a simple lock. Combine it with the lockable version of the hitch arm both ends of the hitch arm are now secured. Of course this counteracts our main goal in designin our trailer making it quick to disassemble without any tools. And if you want to secure your trailer properly we still recommend using a cable loop together with your regular bike lock.

The hole in the hitch adapter has to be at least 0,5 mm larger in diameter than the locks cable. Make sure that the hole is placed not too near towards the edges of the hitch adapter as to not impair its structural stability. Only after having drilled the hole through the hitch adapter should you drill it through the hitch arm. Don't do both at once.

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For those who are concerned about the powder coating of their trailer getting scratched this is a simple an inexpensive solution found at a hardware store. But remember: Your trailer is made from aluminium, it will not rust even if the color comes off. Personally we are proud if you can see that tools are being used and don't mind scratches.



Those two rubber stripes are an inexpensive and light solution against rattling cargo and scratches in your trailers base.

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That's a cross-over project from the DIY section. A garage for your precious trailer.