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What's been and what's ahead

It's been quite a year for us. We moved our complete workshop and office during the summer months and had some great new parts and refinements coming out this year. And for 2019 we're planning to bring an exciting new bike trailer model to the market. But there's also some not so pleasant news for next year. Prices will rise around 10%. Due to an increase in energy, transportation and raw material costs we have no choice but to hand it down to you. Rest assured that a Hinterher trailer remains an extremely competitive priced trailer with great value for money. You probably won't believe us but we have an extremely small margin compared to the bike industry and the usual business calculation. If we had wanted to get rich we wouldn't have got into the bike trailer business...


We wish you all a very merry christmas and all the best for 2019. Thanks for your continous enthusiasm and feedback.


Bike fairs in spring 2018:

IHM Munich from 7. - 13. March 2018

VELO BERLIN from 14. + 15. April 2018 / Hangar 5  Hall H5_C05

SPEZI Germersheim from 28. + 29. April 2018 / Outdoor area


March 2018


We welcome a brand new member to our trailer familiy. May we introduce the Hinterher Paletti. Here you see the prototype that has recently been awarded the German State Award for Innovation. What does it do? Well it's a bike trailer that can lift up an Euro-palett. It took us two years to develop a concept that is as simple as possible, relying only on mechanical parts. It's higly manoevrable and thanks to its four wheels you can securely move it in thight spaces with heavy loads up to 250 kg.

After some refinements to the design and some more tests we will start production this year and are taking pre-orders.
 munich bike trailer transporting a pallet Munich bike trailer transporting an euro pallet with a bicycle


February 2018


UPS is using our Hxxxl trailers in their test project "city2share" in Munich. After three months of testing and delivering parcels with our trailer UPS is expanding this project to even more German cities.


Auslieferung von Paketen mit dem Fahrrad Cargobike trailer


January 2018


Build your own folding box from these custom-cut ashwood strips. By request we'll send you a kit.



Custom made trailers


Christmas 2.0


FAKT is a bike messenger company from Konstanz and they are delivering christmas trees on our BikeTransporter.


Fahrradkurier in Konstanz transportiert Christbäume


November 2017: Best trailer in Cycle Magazin

Testsieger Fahrradanhänger in cycle magazin 1 2018


November 2017: The truck

In cooperation with a big logistics company we have built this trailer/bike combination. Nearly 1000 liters of volume fit into the aluminium box. For this potential you need a robust and powerful electric bike. We have found it at our friends at Urband Drivestyle. Their Unimoke bike is great fun to ride and will handle pretty much anything.


Hinterher Paketauslieferung Trailer


News for 2018: New German road laws regarding lighting

The german road law require that bike trailers have front as well as rear reflectors and an activ tail light. As a consequence we will include a LED tail light and reflectors with our trailer (that reflect in the pricing). However, as laws are different from country to country please make sure that your trailer meets all the requirments of your countries laws.


leistungsstarker LED-Rückstrahler für Fahrradanhänger Hinterher


September/October 2017: Hinterher at the Oktoberfest!

Our road train was leading the traditional costume parade of the Munich Oktoberfest. With thousands of people gahtered in the streets it was a great experience. We had the honor to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the invention of the bicycle.

Foto: Radlhauptstadt München / Kai Neunert

Here you can watch a short clip of the event :-)




30. August - 2. September 2017: We are at Eurobike

Come and visit us at Eurobike to see all our trailer models. We're looking forward to showing you what's new


Burley Croozer Carry Freedom Y-frame Chariot Thule Monowalker benpacker Followme Reacha


July / August 2017: Get your boat to the water

We love watersports. That's why we have trailers for transporting all kinds of boats. This example is a custom-built trailer for a large rubber raft (1,5 x 3,5 meters).



Sonderkonstruktion zum Transport eines Schlauchboot am Fahrrad


June 2017: Family portrait

It's not always easy to choose a suitable trailer from an ever growing product portfolio. So we made this little family portrait that puts the different sizes of our trailers in comparison to each other.

Hinterher Biketrailer die ganze Flotte
Surly Carry Freedom Y-Frame Croozer Chariot Aidoo Monowalker Benpacker Burley Biketrailer Fahrradanhänger


May 2017: Heavy loads...

are being loaded onto our trailers more and more frequently. So we had to strengthen each part and have developed a more robust heavy-duty drawbar and drawbar adapter. It's made from aluminium and fits in the very same position as the standard drawbar adapter. So in case you want to retrofit your existing Hinterher bike trailer all it takes is a couple of minutes and you're good to go with even more cargo. One thing we had to compromise though is that you cannot use the new heavy-duty drawbar to turn your trailer into handcart mode. Because of its round shape it won't fit through the triangular openings in the aluminium chassis of the trailer. You can still order a standard drawbar for using it exclusively to pull the trailer as a handcart.

Heavy Duty trailer bike trailer heavy load big load
Bike trailer boat trailer kajak anhänger trailer boot kanu boat kayak canoe trailer bike transport

January 2017: What is the future of transportation?

As national champion for Germany we are thrilled to enter the next round in the Euroean Business Awards. Our little film is online now and you can vote for us here:




Public Voting für Hinterher beim European Business Award

January 2017: New light version of Hinterher Hxxl

Because our weight-optimized trailers are so popular and many people requested this we bowed down to pressure and offer the Hxxl as a light version too. It comes standard with some extra features to make it more robust. Check out our onlineshop for more details.


Fahrradanhänger Leichtbau Aluminium Chassis Light Hinterher

2016/17: Fan art

Sjoerd van Rooijen, a bicycle fanatic from Switzerland has sent us this gorgeous portrait of Peter. Thank you very much indeed.

Fahrradanhänger Comic Hinterher in allen Facetten


October 2016: Design award for Hinterher

There are only a few truly independent design awards worldwide. So we are happy that the International Design Award of Baden-Wurttemberg has awarded us with their Silver Focus Award 2016. It's great to be in a row with the German car giants even though we have the far superior product:-)

Design Zentrum Baden Württemberg Designpreis Biketrailer Hinterher


September 2016: Recently on the Isar river

Check out our little video of our most recent adventour with our boat trailer and a SUP.

July 2016: Our new multi-plattform series


For this trailer family packability and small size are paramount. Get your boat to the water, fold your trailer and folding bike and be truley independent from those annoying car transfers. But our new trailers are also perfect for being used as hiking trailers. We offer a multitude of accessories so that you can adapt the trailer to your needs.


Modulares komplett zerlegbares Deichelsystem für Rikschaanhänger Bootsanhänger
freerideadventures flo jung Profisurfer mit Fahrrad