fahrradanhänger mit Griffstangen als Lastenrikscha

Bike trailer

Our trailers are truely multifunctional. However, they are first and foremost designed to be used as bike trailers. And that's very simple: just connect the trailer to your bike with a hitch. Now you're ready to go!

Hand cart

Within seconds you can turn your bike trailer into a hand cart. Use it as shopping cart, around your garden, for those picknick outings or to get your groceries from your bike into your home.


The Hmini and Hmax models can be optionally used as a trolley. Pull your water bottles upstairs or your equipment in steep terrain. Even in the tightest places the trolley is very manoeuvrable. 


Turn your bike trailer into a hiking and expedition trailer with our two optional handlebars. They click into the same mounting system as your hitch arm. With the load off your back you can go faster and further with more equipment and with the available hip belt even hands-free.



transport langer Güter Langguttrasnport fahrradanhänger mit überlänge

Carries everything...

The open loading space of our trailers give you the freedom to lash down whatever you want. And with our custom-designed lashing straps that's now faster and easier done than ever. Whether it's a box, container, bag or suitcase - use what fits the situation and your style. For those dreaming of having something like a car trunk for their bicycles we offer some high-class aluminium boxes that are splash proof, lockable and can be attached to the trailers bases in a way that is theft-proof yet easily detachable by the trailers users.




...even bulky things

Thanks to its low sidewalls you can even fit bulky things like your new bookshelf or your musical instrument on our trailer without impairing its centre of gravity or driving quality. 

Where to put your bike trailer when not in use? Our models can be disassembled within seconds. The two wheels fit into the aluminium chassis where the quick release axles click into the designated holes thereby securing them. Stored upright even your largest models take up extremely little space and are nevertheless ready-to-use in no time.


Vielfältige Befestigungsmöglichkeiten des Fahrradanhängers am Fahrrad

Our standard delivery hitch arm fits almost every bike. It's even available as lockable option. Furthermore we offer a whole range of different hitch arms when using our trailers with recumbents, trikes, folding bikes or wheelchairs or when transporting surfboards, boats or stand-up-paddle-boards.