Häufige Fragen FAQ Überschrift


General questions

Is it difficult to cycle with a trailer on a bike?

No, not at all. A munich bike trailer is easy to pull and will hardly affect the bikes handling and driving dynamics thanks to its low point of attachement to the bike. Even loaded it's simple to drive. Because it is a two-wheeler with a separate trailer stand handling is very easy. Especially compared to using a cargo bike most people will find cycling with a trailer much easier.

Are your trailers suitable for e-bikes?

In Germany our trailers can be used with e-bikes. Please check if other laws apply in your country. Technically our trailer is not suited to be used with fast e-bikes (45km/h) because the Weber hitch is not approved for such speeds. And apart from that we wouldn't recommend using any bike trailer at high speeds. Since electric bikes lead to higher average speeds we recommend choosing on of our larger trailer because they have a greater track width. And we recommend upgrading your trailer with the rigid axle mounts as well as the v-shaped reinforcement bracket. For our larger trailers that makes sense anyway.

What do I need to use my trailer as hand cart?

Nothing! Every Hinterher bike trailer with an aluminium chassis can be used as hand cart. By relocating the hitch arm and clicking it through the designated opening you have changed from bike trailer mode into hand cart mode in no time. Only BikeTrailers cannot be used as hand carts.

Does the trailer rattle when in use?

We have taken great pains during the design process to avoid  noises. For this reason our hitch arm fits into the hitch arm adapter without any clearance due to eccentric clamping. However, especially when not loaded our small bike trailer models are so light that they are affected by rough road surfaces and can make some noises. When loaded this usually goes away completely since the trailers now carry enough weight to no register every bump. Please also make sure to use a rubber mat and to adjust the tire pressure to maximize the dampening effect of our Schwalbe Big Apple tires (see also FAQs which tire pressure your bike trailer needs).

How do I secure my trailer from theft?

We recommend securing the whole bike trailer including the wheels with a two meter long loop cable to your primary lock. The loop cable fits through the triangular opening in the trailers chassis that is normally housing the hitch arm when the trailer is used in hand cart mode. 


One of the strong points of our trailers is their quick and toolless disassembly. Making your trailer theft-proof would counteract that idea. However, there are some steps you can take to prevent petty theft when leaving your bike and trailer unattended for a short period of time. The lockable hitch arm version is a first step securing your trailer to your bike. Securing the connection of the hitch arm to the trailer itself requires drilling a hole through the hitch arm and locking it with a cable lock.


Technical details

How do I attach the trailer to my bike?

Always with the hitch-arm-system made by WEBER and preferably with a hitch arm attached at the height of your bikes rear wheel. Our trailers come with a hitch as well as a hitch arm. The hitch is permanently attached to your bike right at or beside your rear wheels axle. Whenever you want to use the trailer you can just click the hitch arm into the hitch safely and securely connecting bike and trailer.

Will the standard delivery WEBER hitch fit my bike?

Every munich bike trailer comes with all parts necessairy to use it with your bike. For this you need to permanently attach a hitch at the rear wheel of your bike. We ship our trailers with the so called EL hitch made by WEBER as standard. We know by experience that it fits almost every bike out there. However, since they are so many different types of bike designs and different rear wheel dropouts sometimes different types of WEBER hitches are necessairy. When in doubt which version your bike needs please contact us or your local bike dealer. 
If your bikes rear wheel uses quick release skewers please make sure that they have enough threads left to securely attach the hitch and are not using up all threads already.

Which tire pressure is right for my trailer?

That depends on the weight of the load you are carrying. But compared to tires used on a bicycle your bike trailers tires have to bear a lot less weight. For example when loading 40 kg on your trailer each tire has to only cope with 20 kg. That is not much weight for the tires we are equipping our trailers with. Our trailers use large volume tires made by Schwalbe which can be operated at very low pressure thus delivering quite a bit of damping. Please bear in mind that there should always be enough air in the tires to cope with unvoreseen bumbs at higher speeds.

Do your trailers rust?

No, they don't. The main parts of our trailers are made from aluminium which doesn't rust. Even if there are scratches in your trailers paint that is only a cosmetical problem All screws are made from stainless steel, other parts are made from glass reinforced plastic. We do recommend removing dirt from the quick release axles and lubricating them from time to time since they are the only parts prone to rust. With a minimum of care your trailer will reward you with a very long service life.


Safety recommendations

What is the maximum load-carrying capacity of your trailers?

That's one of the questions we get asked the most. But the real question is what are you able to pull with your bike, what can your bike frame and its brakes handle and what can you drive safely through traffic without endangering yourself and others?
For your own safety we recommend not loading more than 60 kg when used as hand cart and not more than 45 kg when used as bike trailer, even though they could handle much more.
We do offer parts that make your trailer even stronger and more robust if you really need it (stainless-steel axle mounts, V-shaped reinforcement bracket for the hitch arm, heavy duty hitch arm, 15mm quick-release axle, heavy-duty tires). Some of our larger trailer models come standard with some of these parts like the Hxxxl or our BikeTransporter models.

How do I load my trailer?

Generally you should keep the following things in mind when loading your trailer:

1. Loads must be prevented from getting into your trailers wheels during the ride

2. Heavy loads belong at the bottom of your trailer, otherwise it will become susceptible to overturning

3. Please securely fix the load so that you won't lose it during the ride which could pose a risk to yourself and other people in traffic

4. Please only load as much weight onto your trailer as you and your bikes brakes can safely handle in traffic



Do I need tools to assemble the trailer?

No. Our trailers can be easily assembled without any tools. You might need an open wrench to permanently attach the hitch to your bikes rear wheel axle or frame. If your bike uses a quick release skewer you don't even need a tool to attach the hitch (but you may need a longer axle to accomodate the hitch).


In case your trailer needs repairing or you want to retrofit optional extras you'll be delighted to hear that you need only need a M6 Allen key for all parts except for adjusting the wheels bearings.

Why do you ship the trailer in used cardboard boxes?

We try to minimize waste. Since we get the trailers parts delivered in cardboard boxes we refuse to just throw them away and buy brand new ones for our trailers instead. It has nothing to do with saving money. Sadly it's even more economical to just use new boxes. In any case you we take great pains to perfectly pack and protect your trailer for shipping so that your beautiful new bike trailer reaches you in perfect condition.

Why is there no free shipping?

Well, shipping is never free, however you spin it. But since many companies offer free shipping now customers have come to expect free shipping especially if they purchase goods with a higher price tag. We don't hide or include shipping costs in our regular pricing. As a matter of fact we try to be as transparent as possible. It may sound corny but we're not out trying to become filthily rich. If we had wanted that we wouldn't have put all our money into developing high-quality bike trailers made in Germany. We would have sold you cheaply produced junk instead with obscene margins where shipping was included:-)